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 SysTT - Time-Table software.  
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  • Teacher-Class Free Periods With this utility one can find out the free periods of a teacher or class with respect to other teachers and classes.

  • Substitutions Daily absent teachers can be marked. Based on certain conditions (user definable), SysTT will allocate periods to other teachers.

  • Teacher Leaves Leaves for a teacher can be marked beforehand.Teachers can also be marked on leave for a particular period, for half day or any other combination.This data will automatically be included during Substitution.

  • Teacher Availability Availability of a teacher can be marked. Teachers can also be marked as not being available or if a teacher has to be kept free for a particular period, for a half day or any other combination. This data will automatically be included during Substitution.

  • Class Preparatory Leaves Preparatory Leaves for a class (especially 12th class) can be marked.Hence the teachers teaching those classes will automatically be available for substitution.

  • Class Availability Though rarely needed, a class can also be marked as not available for a day, a period, etc.

  • Change Teacher ShortName Allows you to change the Teacher ShortName.

  • Merge Teachers Merges the Time-Table of one teacher into another.

  • Automatic School Time-Table generates the School Time Table.

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