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 SysTT - Time-Table software.  
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  • SysTThas a Multiple Document Interface.

  • SysTTcan be easily configured for a school even having 5 working days.

  • SysTT lets you assign any working day's time table on a Saturday (if required).It also gives a provision for a working alternate Saturday.

  • SysTTlets you configure 6 to 10 periods in a day.Support for a Zero period is also present.

  • SysTT even allows you to have up to 3 recess breaks.

  • SysTT also takes the personal details (address, phone, etc.) of teachers for any future reference.

  • SysTTlets you configure the Maximum number of periods that a teacher can take in a day, the maximum number of continuous periods for a teacher, preferred period for a class teacher, etc.

  • SysTTlets you associate a subject to a room, lab or special room. This helps in preparing the lab or room time-table automatically.

  • SysTT allows you to define grouped subjects e.g. Biology / Computer Science, Physics / Chemistry Practicals.These grouped subjects can be allocated to a class and it automatically means the class gets divided and goes in for two different subjects.

  • SysTTcan generate the complete time-table for the school within the defined constraints.Approx. 95% of the time-table can be generated by automatic allocation.

  • SysTTtakes care of the combined classes, continuous periods for a class.

  • SysTT allows you to Copy Workload

  • SysTT allows you to allocate Parallel teachers easily.

  • SysTTallows you to feed in the Existing Time-Table easily.

  • SysTT provides you the facility to mark teachers as Activity Teachers or Floating Teachers.

  • Availability of a teacher can also be marked on a periodwise basis.

  • Daily substitution for Absent Teachers, Teachers on leave or for teachers who are not available can be easily generated within 5 minutes.

  • Teacher Leaves too can be marked in advance.

  • Classes going on Preparatory Leaves can also be marked in advance.Hence teachers taking those classes become available for substitution.

  • Manual Time-Table can also be easily entered, SysTTwill let you know when an attempt is made to reallocate an already assigned period.

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