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 SysTT - Time-Table software.  
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Time-Table creation and maintenance, for an institute is an important and complex job, which is bound by many governing factors. The Time-Table should be in such a manner that the periods allocated to the teachers and classes fulfill certain criterions and constraints.

The constraints can be with respect to teachers, classes, labs, continuous periods for a particular subject, parallel teachers taking classes, combined classes taken by one or more teachers, the maximum number of periods taken by a teacher and so on.

The concept of designing and developing SysTT is to provide an easy way for making the Time-Table by fulfilling the above mentioned constraints.

SysTT is designed and developed in a manner that it is very user friendly, completely menu driven and has a Multiple Document Interface i.e. you can work with time-tables for different teachers, classes and labs simultaneously on the screen.

SysTT efficiently handles daily substitution for teachers not available or absent.It also takes care into account Teacher Leaves, Teacher Availability, Classes going on Preparatory Leaves and the Class Availability.Periods are distributed within a week in such a manner that all teachers tend to get a balanced workload. SysTT handles substitutions according to user preferences and a set of user definable options.Simply marking the absentee teachers does the daily substitution.

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