SysSoft's SmartCCE – CCE Result Management Software
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Why SmartCCE?
The Software caters to CCE for 6th and 10th but at the same time one can create Result for other classes as well i.e. from Nur to 12th. Also takes care of Rubrics and Rubric Parameters for FA1, FA2, FA3 & FA4.
Open System that can be easily configured according to the user requirements.
Simple Entry Screens.
Easy to operate and can be quickly learned.
Ensures high productivity because minimum data entry is required.
Multiple Document Interface
Open multiple windows to work on, thus enabling simultaneous servicing of Members.
Automatic & Scientific Backup Module.
Other Features
Easily Configurable.
Network Compatible.
The system is designed and developed in a manner to help the School in managing CCE Results very easily and efficiently.
Define Unlimited Types of Report Formats.
Most of the Parameters, which effect Result Creation, can be controlled by the User by different configurations provided in the System.
Add Multiple Indicators in Report Format.
Option to assign Report Format to different Classes and Section.
Enter Section Wise Units Wise Student Marks for each Subject very easily and efficiently.
Option to enter Grade of Indicators.
Option to Mark Student as Absent in a Particular Exam.
Option to Mark Student as On Medical in a Particular Exam.
Option to Mark Student as Exempted from a Particular Exam.
Enter Term-wise Student Attendance.
Option to enter Term Wise Remarks.
Options to view complete Student Result including Subject Wise Marks, Indicators Wise Grade & Remarks and Term Wise Teacher Remarks on Same Screen.
Option to view Class-wise Result.
Student & Other Masters Maintenance
Option to Enter Student Detail.
Option to Assign Class wise Roll No. to Students.
Assign Optional Subjects to Students.
Lets you add New Report Format whenever required by the user easily.
Define Term Wise Maximum Marks of Subject.
Define whether to show Student Grade for a particular Term.
Allow picking different Grading Patterns for different Report Formats.
Add Multiple Subjects in the Format.
Define whether to show Marks, Grade or both for a particular Subject.
Define whether to consider the subject marks in aggregation.
Pick Marks Interval Pattern for any subject (1, 2, 3 … Or 1, 1.5, 2 … Or 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 … Or 1, 1.01, 1.1, 1.4 …).
Allow to Group different Subjects for Optional Subjects handling.
Define the no. of Subjects, the Student has to opt from the Grouped Optional Subjects.
Option to Maintain hierarchy of Classes and Sections.
Maintain Grades based on Marks Percentage.
Maintain Direct / Open Grades for Indicators.
Option to Group different Grades.
Other Reports & Formats
Report card Printing
Subjectwise Blank Format - at Formative Level.
Subjectwise Blank Format - at Rubric Level.
Subjectwise Blank Format - at Rubric Parameter Level.
Classwise Marks Sheet (Excel format).
Classwise Detailed Data (Excel format) to be kept as a record for next 3 years.
Mark Class Wise Left Students.
Option for Class-wise Promotion or Transfer of Students from one Class to another.
Import Data from SmartFee Or Tab Seperated File.
Software Subscription Price
  Initial Licence Fee Renewal Licence Fee
(from Next Year)
Upto 3000 Students Rs. 10,200 Rs. 7,900
3000 - 5000 Students Rs. 11,300 Rs. 9,100
More than 5000 Students Rs. 13,000 Rs. 10,300
Includes Free Unlimited Updates thru Internet. Rates are subject to change without notice.
In case if you are not able to run the Demo, call us for an online Demo.
How to Order
Please send your -> Organization Name & Address, Phone No, Contact Person, Email ID, Alternate Email ID, Mobile # to SysSoft. (Note: All this Information is absolutely necessary)
Payment can be made by following ways:
1. Draft drawn in favor of SysSoft (deposit it in ICICI A/c # 082705000049). EMail the cheque details to
2. Draft drawn in favor of SysSoft and send it to the following address: SysSoft,  303, Progresive House, Rohit Kunj Commercial Complex, Pitam Pura, New Delhi – 110 034.
Important: All Drafts are subject to realization. After realization we will send you the Registration Key by which you can register the software.
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