SysSoft's LibServe – Library Management Software
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Why LibServe?
Fully integrated Customer, details cum Searching Software on Windows.
Windows Library Management System.
Open System that can be easily configured according to the user requirements.
Simple Entry Screens.
Easy to operate and can be quickly learned.
Ensures high productivity because minimum data entry is required.
Supports almost all activities related to Library Management namely acquisition, cataloguing and circulation combined with powerful Searching & Queryingd.
Circulation can be done easily by a click of a button from anywhere in the software.
Barcoding - Generation of Barcoded Member Cards & Book-Slips.
The reports are not just dumps of the screens but are designed to be meaningful.
Multiple Document Interface
Open multiple windows to work on, thus enabling simultaneous servicing of Members.
Automatic & Scientific Backup Module.
Other Features
Multiple Document Interface (Open multiple windows to work on).
Network Compatible.
Flexible Automatic / Manual Accession & Card Numbering.
Multiple Member Types with different settings.
View the total nos. of copies of a title by a single click. Also provision to view the nos. of copies based on year, edition and volume.
Different Series of Accession No. for different Items (Books, CD) with optional Prefix.
Option to Maintain Locations.
Provision to define different Member Types
Different series for different member types.
Facility to add the multiple copies while entering a New Accession. This will automatically generates the respective nos. of new Accessions.
Option to define whether tickets/cards are required depending on Member Type.
User Defined Card-less / Ticket-less Library.
Different series for different Card Types.
Flexible Card numbering, Card nos. can be generated on basis of Member ID combined with a running serial nos. for the member.
Provision for Different Issue Periods depending on Item or Cards.
Provision to define Maximum nos. of Borrowings for each Member Type.
Option to maintain Member photograph.
Different fines for different Items/ Cards.
Optional fine for late returns, damaged or lost accessions.
Easy method of Stock-Taking – the system can be configured as to have the last issue date or the return dated as the Stock Taking Date for the accession, and hence the Circulation can keep going even while stocktaking is in progress.
Multiple Authors can be maintained.
Category Wise Accessions can be maintained.
Subject & Class No. can be enetred.
Subject & Class No. Master already build in the software (with Major Class Nos.)
Provision to mark an accession as distributable.
Provision to enter Specimen copy .
Provision to enter Reference copy.
Searching on Keyword.
Provision to mark an accession as damaged or to be repaired at the time of Return, hence it helps to take payments (if necessary).
Provision to further mark an accession as non-distributable if damaged.
Provision to put Journal & Periodical details
Provision to enter if a Newspaper has been received or not.
Reservation of Titles can be done.
Querying & Search
  A unique feature of the software is its powerful Searching and retrieving capabilities where user can build his/her own Queries.
  LibServe provides a very good searching facility from anywhere in the software. Even a combined search on different fields is easily possible. Almost all the reports can be taken out for any criterion depending on the Search Results; hence user can build his reports on chosen criteria.
Online Data Correction:-
  This unique feature ensures proper data entry and fewer mistakes, which in turn reduces the time spent for data correction.
  The Librarian can define how the entry for title, author, etc. should be corrected by the system.
Accession Information:
Item Type (Book, CD etc.) Title & Authors Series, Pages & Year
Accession No. & Date Subject & Class No. Publisher & Vendor
Location in Library Category & Book No. Keywords & Remarks
Specimen / Reference Copy ISBN, Volume & Edition Bill Detail & Cost
Member Details:
Type of Member Photograph Contact No. & Email
Name & Address No. of Borrowings Allowed  
Admn. No., Class & Roll No Designation & Department  
Issues Reservations Lost Books
Returns Over-due & Fines Missing Books
Renewals Stock Verification Weeding Out
Class wise Returns (for Schools) Damaged Books Stock Taking
Periodicals & Subscription Details:
Title, Publisher, Frequency, Volume.
Rate (Daily Rate for Newspaper).
Subscription No. & Date.
Subscription Period & Vendor.
Billing & Payment Detail.
Receipt of Volumes & Newspapers.
Library Maintenance:-
Global Replacements for Title, Author, Subject, Category, Publisher & Vendor.
Apply Grammar Setting to Title, Author, Subject, Category, Publisher, Vendor, Keywords & Series.
Remove Unused Title, Author, Category, Publisher & Vendor Masters.
Remove Old Transactions.
Remove Expired Reservations.
Reports & On-Screen Views:-
Issue Register for a period.
Return Register for a period.
Accession Register.
New Arrivals in Library.
Overdue Accessions.
Late Fine Received.
Lost Accessions Register.
Non-Moving Accessions.
Weeded Out Accessions Register.
Missing Accessions Register.
Damaged Accessions.
Accessions marked as Repaired.
Title wise Summary.
Author wise Summary.
Subject wise Summary.
Category wise Summary.
Publisher wise Summary.
Vendor wise Summary.
Item wise Summary.
Periodical List.
Subscription Register.
Periodicals Received.
Newspaper Received.
Book Slips.
Barcoded Book Labels.
Book Labels.
Member ID.
Barcoded Member Labels.
Software Subscription Price
  Initial Licence Fee Renewal Licence Fee
(from Next Year)
Single User Rs. 7,900 Rs. 5,000
Network (upto 3 User's) Rs. 9,100 Rs. 5,600
Includes Free Unlimited Updates thru Internet. Rates are subject to change without notice.
In case if you are not able to run the Demo, call us for an online Demo.

It is not neccessary that costlier things only work fine.
How to Order
Please send your -> Organization Name & Address, Phone No, Contact Person, Email ID, Alternate Email ID, Mobile # to SysSoft. (Note: All this Information is absolutely necessary)
Payment can be made by following ways:
1. Draft drawn in favor of SysSoft (deposit it in ICICI A/c # 082705000049). EMail the cheque details to
2. Draft drawn in favor of SysSoft and send it to the following address: SysSoft,  303, Progresive House, Rohit Kunj Commercial Complex, Pitam Pura, New Delhi – 110 034.
Important: All Drafts are subject to realization. After realization we will send you the Registration Key by which you can register the software.
Download Software (Demo)
    User ID: Admin    Password: syssoft
Go to File->Administration->User Rights. Select Admin as User, Press ALL button. Save Rights. Close the window. Exit out from Software and Start Software again.

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